Drug Free Communities Initiatives

Youth Leadership Council


A group of teens with representation from each of the Porter County school corporations organized to apply prevention strategies aimed at their peers. 

Prevention Campaigns


The Best Practice is Prevention!

Red Ribbon


The Red Ribbon serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities.  

About DFC Grant

The Drug Free Communities (DFC) support program is currently in year three of a possible 10 year grant period. This federal grant was awarded to the Council to strengthen collaboration among community entities and reduce substance abuse among the youth in our county. The Council’s longevity, sustainability, capacity and the ability to influence community-level change were leading determinates in the decision to fund the initiative. 

The grant encourages the sectors to collaborate on initiatives and environmental strategies to build a safe and healthy drug-free community. Working with community leaders the local needs are assessed and a plan for sustainable changes are mapped out by using a series of data driven, evidence-based programs, practices and policies in an effort to promote and retain a high quality of life in Porter County. Substance abuse prevention and awareness is identified as the key to addressing the current public health crisis facing our youth. Research indicates that prevention is a cost-effective and measurable strategy and is able to produce proven positive outcomes by action oriented planning steps common to all communities.

Drug Free Communities is a federal grant that addresses youth through prevention and awareness strategies.

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