Drunk Driving Task Force

Programs and Purpose


Drunk Driving Task Force - coordinated efforts with Partners for Success grant manager to recruit all 9 high schools to participate in the mock impaired driving course known as Goggles and Carts. Valparaiso High School coordinated by DFC Sector Leader Natalie Miller touched 130 students, Washington Township High School’s Principal Sue Lipinski reported 40 participating students, Chelsea Winder reported 70 students participation, Morgan Township reported 130 students and Wheeler High School SRO officer reported a grand total of 310 students participating.

Underage Drinking Initiatives - Social Hosting flyers were distributed at the Banta Senior Center Awareness and Education event; Underage drinking presentation at Valparaiso Middle School Thomas Jefferson with Team Peace youth group of 60 students. The following day, the youth wore their #NotAMinorProblem shirts for Instagram picture posts and contest. Council staff invited to present award at the 8th grade graduation; Presentation to the Valparaiso High School SADD club about the consequences of underage drinking and forged a relationship and recruited students for the youth committee; National pizza chain “Hungry Howie” committed to promoting coalition “Sticker Shock” program by tagging each box that leaves the store. Over 1,000 stickers have been applied to the boxes to create awareness of the consequences of social hosting and serving alcohol to minors.


Street Smart Cop – Proactive Patrol

CONTENT OF COURSE COVERED A course designed to make a Police Officer CONFIDENT and PROFICIENT in their everyday duties while opening their eyes to Criminal and Narcotic Interdiction. Teaching a police officer to detect a crime before, during, and after the commission of a criminal offense. The training is more than “Drug Interdiction.” Regarded as “The Field Training Everyone Should Have Had.” Giving police officers the “know how” to do their job confidently and legally. We have had amazing results in helping our Police Officers with everything from catching murderers to saving lives and everything in between. Several agencies have mandated this training for all police officers under their command. We firmly believe this may be the most crucial, informative, and comprehensive course for all Police Officers. Often regarded as one of the best courses available many return a second and third time to reattend this program. We guarantee you’re going to love this training.

Students learn better patrol tactics, identifying criminal behaviors and reactions to police presence, case Law that all cops need to know, search and seizure, drug trends, the laws that we don't use in Motor Vehicle Law, consent searches, and HOW TO NEVER LOSE WHEN SOMEBODY IS LYING ABOUT WHO THEY ARE! We will show you legal and effective methods for conducting Re-Active and Pro-Active patrol functions. Training our officers with knowledge they should know will prevent embarrassment and lawsuits from misinterpretations of the law. THIS COURSE BENEFITS ALL DIVISIONS OF A POLICE DEPT. TO INCLUDE PATROL, SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT, AND SUPERVISORY POSITIONS.

Instructor: Dennis Benigno is the founder and CEO of Street Cop Training and began formal police instruction in 2012. His law enforcement career began in 2001 at 19 years of age as a NJ Corrections Officer. In 2004 Benigno became a police officer with the US Park Police Dept. in Washington, DC and in 2005 moved over to the position of police officer in one of NJ’s largest municipalities. He has received multiple awards including but not limited to Lifesaving, Meritorious Service, Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service, Several Letters of Recognition, Leadership awards and Certificates of Appreciation from several law enforcement organizations. As a police officer Benigno has affected over 1,500 arrests and has conducted well over 10,000.00 motor vehicle stops. He now leads one of the fastest growing LEO education companies in the country.

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This course is at No Cost and ONLY for Porter County Law Enforcement community. Each department may initially register 5 officers. After all police agencies have registered 5 attendees then registration will be open to others.

Training to be held at Valparaiso Police Department, 355 Washington Street, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Training made possible by the Drunk Driving Task Force, Porter County Substance Abuse Council grant. 

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