Youth Prevention Campaigns

The Best Practice is Prevention

Youth Sector distributed over 1,575 postcards with the “Social Hosts Lose the Most” theme to inform parents of the dangers of hosting parties for their youth; distributed over 1,000 promotional pieces to recruit peers of local high schools pairing them with police officers and retailers selling alcohol for an awareness and prevention campaign called Sticker Shock. Over 4,256 stickers were adhered to containers of alcohol with an awareness message that purchasing for minors is illegal and the consequences for doing so are a fine and possible jail time. A local grocery chain, Strack and Van Til’s has been enthusiastically working for the past 2 years with the Council at the Portage and Valparaiso locations with this project. Recently, Walgreens and K-Mart in Valparaiso agreed to host the campaign.

Combating marijuana use/abuse

The NWI Alliance trio of the Local Coordinating Councils in Porter, LaPorte and Lake Counties collectively strategized about marijuana and community implementation and produced a video entitled, “I Wish You Would Have Told Me” that has been featured at cinemas throughout Northwest Indiana. The :60 spot features a diverse segment of local youth regretting the decision to use marijuana and the negative consequences that may jeopardize their future. A companion brochure about marijuana was available at the concession stand as a take away.

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