Youth Leadership Council (YLC)

The Youth Leadership Council is an organized group of teens with representation from each of the Porter County school corporations. They are led by the Council DFC grant coordinator that provides leadership tools to organize and apply prevention strategies aimed at their peers. 

Critical to the success of the YLC is the succession plan that allows the freshman and sophomores to be mentored by the junior and senior members. To implement a successful plan, we are looking to recruit interested and committed students throughout the county.

As a member of the YLC, students will have the opportunity to:

• Earn a $1,000 college scholarship for the school of choice

• Develop a network of other outstanding students nationwide 

• Enter to win national awards to be displayed at a national conference

• Attend the national mid-year CADCA conference and win awards

• Create and engineer Podcast in studio and develop marketing strategies

• Leadership and Advocacy Training

• Travel to Indiana State Capitol to testify before legislative committees 

Members of the YLC are asked to attend a week-long training conference in Washington, DC learning effective prevention strategies, international networking with youth coalitions and developing a tool box of leadership skills. This opportunity is offered each year in February to interested members. Additionally, a mid-year conference is held for students at various cities across America.

For more information about the YOUTH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL, contact Drug Free Communities Coordinator Patti Lembcke at 


Become part of a social movement to reduce substance use in your school and in your community

Develop leadership skills 

Attend conferences & events throughout the nation

Build your college resume with meaningful community service

Fulfill your school community service requirement

Gain recognition & rewards for your role in community change

Collaborate with local, state and national leaders in the substance use field

Unleash your creativity with social media opportunities on a national level

YLC Leadership Positions


Committee Chairman

· Organize and lead the committee to participate in tasks and stay on point with the timeline. Encourage attendance, continuous communication, identify any problems, offer solutions, gather feedback, make decisions on behalf of the group with a general consensus.


· Record meeting minutes to reflect what happened in the meeting, what needs to happen, any discussion. The meeting minutes serve as a legal document that summarizes the content of the meeting.

· Record attendance by having a sign-in sheet available at each meeting for student signatures.

· The Secretary is also responsible for the meeting agenda to be distributed to members before the meeting so they will be able to participate in a more meaningful way.

Social Media Coordinator

· Works within the committee to provide continuously updated social posts to engage and motivate peers to act/react to trends, ideas, events and the school community.

Project Coordinator

· Produce Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) to be distributed throughout the community and streamed by local radio stations and podcast station.

· Organize Environmental Scans that are used to collect data and measure activity in specific locations.

· Create Podcast in the PCSAC studio geared toward Porter County youth using data collected from local sources. Create a name and identity for the show.

Capstone Event Coordinator

· Produce a substance use conference or workshop with the input of the youth council to present to a larger group of peers.